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>>Future Humanity – Our Shared Planet | Exhibition in Beijing, 2018<<

Man always has been dreaming of flying and striving to extend human abilities. Technology has brought us closer and closer to those dreams, that were once utopian and today are beyond reality. What does humanity mean – now and in the future? How do technologies change our everyday lives – and vice versa?

In November 2018, Ars Electronica and Hyundai Motor Group opened three exhibitions around the world on the theme of “Future Humanity – Our Shared Planet”. The shows at Hyundai Motor Studios in Moscow, Seoul and Beijing will artistically examine what it means to be human in the future.

In collaboration with the team of Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing, I was in charge of supervising the exhibition’s curatorial process, preparations and production in Beijing.

For more information about the exhibition you can read the interview with curator Martin Honzik and visit the website.


>>Ars Electronica Labs | Temporary Exhibition and Laboratories, 2019<<

In the course of the constructions of the new temporary exhibition of Ars Electronica Center, together with Veronika Krenn I was responsible for the production management of the -1 floor, where the Ars Electronica Labs are now being on display. The Lab floor is formed by the CitizenLab, SecondBody Lab, BioLab and MaterialLab.

Ars Electronica Labs




The Future Innovators Summit (FIS) is a special workshop format which was initiated in 2014 by Ars Electronica (AT) & Hakhodo (JP) and since has been taking place every year during the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz. At FIS all kind of future thinkers, such as artists, scientists, social activists, engineers, philosophers and entrepreneurs from around the world come together to explore new ways of collective brainstorming and creative prototyping on the crucial questions for the future.

The main goal for the Innovators during this workshop is to find the ultimate “Creative Questions” – these are questions which stimulate more questions of an issue and hopefully also motivate for actions.

From 2016 to 2019 I supported this exciting project as a project manager and producer. My tasks included: organizing and supervision of the international Open Call for participants, communication with the partners and all relevant internal departments, communication with the participants and Mentors, strong involvement in several conceptual and creative tasks, such as creating a new corporate image for FIS itself, curation of participants and artworks for the FIS exhibition, designing of the workspace, etc.

Photo Credits: Tom Mesic

As an example here you can see what the FIS2019 was about and who participated.
Since 2019 the Future Innovators Summit is part of the initiative Ars Electronica Art Thinking School.


>>POST CITY LAB | Seoul<<

…or how to learn the culture, vibe and issues of a huge city in only 3 days.

[ZER01NE_워크숍] #3 제로원 x 아르스 일렉트로니카

[ZER01NE_워크숍] #3 제로원 ZER01NE x 아르스 일렉트로니카 Ars Electronica‘Seoul, Seoul, Seoul, 아름다운 이 도시!’수많은 사람들의 기억을 품은 인간적인 도시 ‘서울’의 미래를 쫓은 제로원 크리에이터와 아르스 일렉트로니카!사흘간의 생생한 기록을 영상으로 공개합니다!#제로원 #ZER01NE #Creator #ArsElectronica #Workshop #CoWork #SEOUL #Adventure #PostCity #도시탐험 #미래도시연구

Gepostet von Zer01ne Zone am Dienstag, 4. September 2018

In early 2018 I was involved as project manager for a unique city workshop format, which we created especially for artists in the residency program ZER01NE initiated and run by Hyundai Motor Company in Seoul, South Korea. The task was to design a concept for a three days workshop in Seoul, where the artists should experience the city from new perspectives and tackle the challenges the city and citizens have to face.  In strong cooperation with the artists we managed to organize an intensive 3-days field trip, guided by us and invited international experts from different fields. Walking and talking for hours, seeing, hearing and smelling Seoul from the roof top, river, bunker, food and herb markets, subways, streets and city mountain – this workshop was definitely a multicultural highlight and unforgettable experience for all participants!

Project Lead & Curators – Manuela Naveau & Martin Honzik
Project Management – Carla Zamora & ZER01NE Team
Interactive Workshop Table – Garamantis